Tule API Partnership:
Measured ET As a Service

Utilize Tule’s Evapotranspiration (ET) sensor network to build your own products.

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Build on the Largest ET Sensor Network in the World

Let Tule maintain the sensors so you can focus on what you care about.

The Largest ET Sensor Network in the World.

Tule has the largest measured evapotranspiration (ET) sensor network ever deployed. We have spent years building the infrastructure and team to operate an ET sensor network at scale so you don't have to.

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Daily ET and Energy Balance Component Data.

Receive daily data for measured ET as well as daily values for net radiation and sensible heat flux density. Data is quality controlled using lessons learned from processing data from thousands of sensors.


Example Use Cases

ET is a fundamental measurement of plant health and productivity. Imagine what can be done with it.

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Yield Prediction

Predicting food supply is critical. ET is directly correlated with yield. If you are trying to build accurate yield prediction models, please reach out.

Daily crop stress
Ground Truth Crop Stress

Use our daily crop water stress measurements to ground truth satellite or aerial image-based crop stress models.

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Data for Sustainability

Prove to regulators that you are not wasting water based on measurements of actual crop water use.

Water Trading Markets

Water trading will become increasingly important after SGMA groundwater regulations go into effect. Measured ET will be vital to establish a fair and consistent marketplace for water exchange.

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Electricity/Energy Savings

PG&E and other utilities have many incentives to help farmers optimize their energy usage. ET is a critical measurement for knowing how much energy can be saved by running pumps less often or at different times.

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Your Idea!

ET is a fundamental measurement of plant productivity. We look forward to seeing the many different creative applications that people will build with measured ET.

Features of the Tule API

(Please give us feedback if you don't see what you need)

Daily ET Measurements
Daily FieldStat (Ks) Crop Water Stress Measurements
Customer Dashboard for Winegrapes and Almonds
Daily Energy Balance Components
Historical dataset of thousands of sensors for multiple years
Share cost of sensors with others interested in same locations
Basic Plan
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Researcher Plan
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Cost Share Plan
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For exceptional opportunities, we are open to discussing alternative pricing structures. Please reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is data available outside California?

Currently all Tule sensors are in California, but we are open to expanding to new geographies for the right opportunity.

Is this limited to specialty crops?

No. Tule ET sensors work in almost any open-air crop. We currently have sensors installed in about 20 crops, including winegrapes, tree nuts, and annual crops.

Can we buy as a group?

Yes, group purchasing is a great way make the data more affordable. This often makes sense when growers, researchers, and other organizations want to share the cost of sensors.

What about farmer privacy?

We would never sell data without grower consent. In many cases, growers are happy to share their data if it benefits them.

Are daily energy balance components included?

Energy balance components are available in the researcher plan. Daily ET and FieldStat are included in all plans.

Are there any bulk discounts?

Hardware manufacturing is cheaper if you can order batches of 10,000 or more. For large orders, we may be able to pass along these savings.

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